People have many possibilities to use a variety of platforms and programs to help them achieve business goals. It is really hard work to follow and manage all of them at the same time. We all know that you have one platform to manage mail and contacts, one to follow projects and to share documents and one more to follow sales projects. And then you should also track time and invoices at the same time. Let’s think again… Why shouldn’t we take one good point from every tool and connect them as one, and call it Nidos?

  1. Importing contacts → lists
  2. Group calendars
  3. Documents
  4. Product lists
  5. Sales projects
  6. View of the current situation and what’s to come
  7. Time Tracking
  8. Invoicing

Importing your contacts data and manage your CRM

Start your journey by importing your contacts. Then add some sales processes or products. You can create groups and mailing lists as well as product categories.

Share calendars and actions

To see the big picture it’s important to see the whole workflow. You need to see where people are going and what tasks they have. If needed you should be able to take off the workload from one and add more tasks to someone else.

Time tracking is an important part of budgeting

How many times have you wondered how much time is spent on different projects? There’s much good time tracking apps but why should it be separate from your other project management software? It’s impossible to know if time spent correlates with the offer given to the customer in the beginning. You should learn from your projects to get better results.

Nidos helps you handle your production

Product catalogs and product types – ERP as part of your business

Sales projects usually include products, physical or nonphysical. When you’re creating your sales process, products and prices should be part of the process. And why should you have own platform for that? After lead converts to a sale, the offer and products related to it should follow from the beginning to invoicing.

Email marketing and GDPR

You have certainly heard about GDPR? You should have permission from people to follow their doings and to manage contact lists. And we think it should be part of your CRM. That way you can create marketing lists that are up to date. We have the possibility to integrate Mailchimp as part of Nidos so marketing campaigns would be as easy as possible.