Nidos SaaS platform directly from the web.

Our mission is to create a modern SaaS digitalization platform to empower the everyday operations of businesses globally. Nidos is designed from the ground up to be user-friendly, customizable and comprehensive for all business needs. The mobile-first principle brings Nidos seamlessly to all modern browsers. Our goal is to create a single platform that adapts to all the needs of a business, and not vice versa.

“Nidos is a born mobile digitalization platform that provides flexible and easier ways to document, control, manage and automate business processes and information.”

What is Nidos?

  • Nidos is born mobile
  • Nidos will revolutionize the way we think about ERP, CRM, and ECM
  • It is updating constantly
  • There are enthusiastic people behind Nidos
  • It is a result of hard work and creative thinking

Why would I use NIDOS?

  • Nidos allows new easier ways to document, control, manage and automate business processes and information
  • Nidos makes you remember and makes sure that critical information is captured
  • Built-in artificial intelligence searches and fills the data for you and machine learning makes workflows optimized
  • Nidos is scalable, secure, independent from large corporation platforms
  • Saving time, also job comes easier when you don’t have to remember a different kind of passwords and programs
  • Cost-Features-ratio is better compared to anything available in the marketplace
  • Nidos can be tailored for your unique processes

Who is NIDOS for?

  • Small and medium-size companies who don’t really have the possibility to use giant systems such as Salesforce, SAP etc. on a full company level. Organizations that currently use numerous different systems focused on specific processes (E-maileri, Lyyti, Google apps, M-Files, Slack, Megaventory…)
  • Private persons who want a system that outperforms others and want cost-efficient solution
Antti-Jussi Aro
Antti-Jussi AroFinnish Ice Hockey League, Chief Digital Officer website offers real-time data and statistics about ice hockey matches for thousands of weekly users. Nidos made the web pages as well as the whole system which can be used to update the site. Nidos has a top-class knowledge about this kind of platforms.
SM-liiga customer story
Marko Virta
Marko VirtaRengas Turku Oy, Store Manager
Nidos built us a platform for webshop and an ERP system where we can control orders, warehouses, and appointments. Purchases made from the web and stores go directly to the system and from there to invoicing and bookkeeping. Service makes our work more efficient and the system is updated frequently. We are very satisfied with the expertize of people working in Nidos. They are really flexible.
Rengas Turku logo
Sanna Halttunen-Välimaa
Sanna Halttunen-VälimaaPanic Marketing, Business Director
Panic Marketing creates games for campaigns, where you try to get peoples attention. We also collect leads and contact info to our systems. We have been in co-operation with Nidos when coding the games. We are very satisfied with the quality of the work as well as a helpful attitude. Nidos has also been part of coding projects done for our clients. All has gone really well.
Panic Marketing
Timo Marjamaa
Timo MarjamaaVeikkausliiga, CEO
Nidos made a platform where football enthusiasts can follow what happens during rounds as well as examine statistics from earlier seasons. The solution is hosted by Nidos. We can easily publish news and update pages with a content management system. We are very satisfied with the collaboration.
Panic Marketing

Nidos story and how it all began

Ismo Kauppinen - Chairman of the board

Dr. Ismo Kauppinen

Chairman of the Board

“Problem arises”

As being closely involved in several companies in a different field I saw one common problem in all of the companies: there is no good cloud solution for supporting their business processes in the market. Many of the companies had their own special procedures, which made the company unique. This would have required costly tailoring of the existing general systems.

“One system”

These companies were developing startups that heavily relied on utilizing market information and signals. These were collected by the company employees. In order to get this information efficiently and transparently available, the business processes should be run under one service. One well know business utility software sent their sales guy to meet me. After listing the processes, which he needed, he said to me: “The problem is that you don’t understand the difference between ERP and CRM”. So in his opinion “I” was the problem. I was not ready to settle for what the market has to offer, but I was requesting for something that I really need!!!

“Easy to use”

I asked the sales guy to demonstrate how to make a calendar event and add a contact to it. “Sure, it can be done,” he said. I asked them to add me as a contact. No, I can’t do it as you are not entered into the system. He closes the calendar and opens the contact module so he can type my details so that they could be later added when operating in the calendar… This is definitely not an intuitive flow of operation! Typical systems are built like that because it’s technically most logical. I want to see a system where you can add a contact to a calendar and create a new one as you go if needed!


I talked to several IT entrepreneurs to find out if someone had thought about making such a system already. The answer was always the same: In order to attract investors, you need to focus on a certain market segment and find a problem in a niche process, which you then solve the best way. Trying to even think to build a system with all the basic business processes – and with wide configurability – would be against all common business wisdom. Except one: this is what the customers really need!


I realize that many entrepreneurs, with these things in mind, made their businesses successful. They solved these problems by developing their own business management systems. Exactly from the same reasons stated here. As this was going to be my only option, I decided to do the same for me and for all the other fellow entrepreneurs. The path towards this “ultimate system” started already in 2007. Ten years after in 2017 a company was formed under the name “Nidos”, which is a Finnish word and means “binding important things together”.