From the cloud, it came.

Our target group is small and medium-size companies that need help with digitalization.

We have developed our own Nidos SaaS platform, where you can find all the basic tools to handle your projects. You are able to add contacts and do an invoice from the same system. At the same time, it is really easy to use, it saves time and is intelligent. It is also possible to customize Nidos for your needs.
If you have specific needs, the Nidos project management tool can be customized. It can be linked to other services like Google Calendar and you are also able to upload your own contacts. You can forget about all the other programs and you don’t have to remember all the other passwords either.

Taking your processes to a next level.

Nidos Free

When you want a fast start to project management, try the free Nidos. This way you can test how the service feels.


We can do customization and integrations to give you even better possibilities using Nidos. You can follow sales in easy an easy and effective way.

Consulting and software development

Mobile solutions, UX & UI design, strategy, back-end development, front-end development, maintenance


We are constantly improving Nidos and making adjustments to make it even easier for you to use. And you don’t have to do anything, as everything is handled in the cloud. We also listen to what the users want and appreciate any input we get.


Nidos is fully compatible with new data protection regulations. We manage personal information with consideration of the principles in the EU.


Nidos is good for small and medium-size companies. You can add functionalities as you go. We also can tailor Nidos for your specific needs.


We take data protection seriously and Nidos is updated constantly. We also listen to customers needs and adjust Nidos so that it meets your requests.