What’s more satisfying than satisfied customer? When everything runs smoothly, customers can relax. They know everything is taken care of and they are dealing with professionals. Even in the end everyone knows what’s happening and what’s the cost. Whether it’s product based invoicing or time based work.

Show the steps of sales process to customers

Customers like it when they know what’s happening. Like said, transparency is the key element to success. Here’s something you might want to concider before contacting a customer:

  1. Listen what customers are telling you
  2. Show them you understood cliend brief and make suggestions based on facts
  3. Give them some numbers about preliminary costs
  4. Visualize the steps forward
  5. Make adjustments
  6. Show your final solution
  7. Go through the process and ask what client thought about the project
  8. Plan next project and learn from mistakes

Meeting with a customer

Go through the case with your co-workers

Take your time to go through the whole process and try to learn what could have been done differently. There’s always room for some improvements. For example you could write down a “perfect” sales process and then use the same steps with another customer. That way you can save loads of time. And usually that makes you more comfortable with your work and that’s something clients will also notice. If you’re uncertain when making a sales pitch you probably won’t get the deal. That’s why you need a solution to manage your calendar, tasks, projects, sales and invoicing. And you need a good team which also know where everything is going. Then you can just enjoy the ride and feel relaxed.