To find your things easier, you should have a routine to manage your work

You know the situation when you leave your keys or phone in a different place? And how it’s painful to remember where that place was. You should have a routine to handle your everyday life. It’s the same way with project handling and managing your contact database. You should keep in mind some of these things:

  • Learn one good way to manage your projects, don’t use many different platforms
  • Improve and make your sales process handling more effective
  • Handle your product database and sales in the same place so it’s easier to connect your offers directly to invoicing
  • Track how your projects are going forward in the sales funnel
  • Take care of customer experience and manage your contacts in different groups
  • Start with people-based marketing, not shouting about the benefits of your company
  • See your colleagues calendars in the same place as yours
  • In the end, click a button and send your invoice from the same system
  • Enjoy the ride and follow how sales are improving

These are some of the things you should consider when you’re organizing your daily work. Forget about different systems, use one.